About Susan

So you are not perfect,
People are not perfect

Now what?

Susan Heinemann is an author and creator of
the E.V.E.N. personality language system, and
personality traits educator, conflict resolution
coach and public speaker.She was and is also
at times a frustrated mother,.wife co-worker
and mentor.

Susan teaches others how to recognize the different emotional motivations and communication styles of the people in their lives, so that they can quickly and easily have more fulfilling and less stressful relationships. She does this by her E.V.E.N. Temperament Theory a Do- It-Yourself personality identification program that is simple to learn, easy to apply with quick results producing healthy, happy and more effective relationships. The key to understanding is, we all speak different personality languages. Her program can be applied to personal, business and casual relationships to enhance understanding and acceptance of what makes us all act the way we do.

After 25 years of striving to be the perfect mother, wife, homemaker, and neighbor, a series of devastating events threatened everything she had worked so hard to build and keep together. All the time and effort spent helping her family complete the frequent moves required by her husband’s career with military precision, playing a supporting role in her children’s stage careers, and being the best school parent on the block she could, following the example of her mother, went up in flames, literally.

With her marriage ending, her relationship with her daughter broken, her son suffering a life-threatening health crisis, and everything collected over a lifetime of love gone, Susan did the unexpected. She took a hard look at herself – her personality, her needs, her behaviors, and all the assumptions of a lifetime – and with it came a flash of insight. She was the common denominator in all of these losses, whether or not they were things she could control, and then the hard work began.

In just a few short years, Susan turned her own life around, and that of her family, and translated her hard-won insight into easy to use tools that anyone can quickly learn and successfully use in their own lives. Susan is the undisputed expert on understanding our deepest needs and desires and how to use this insight to make our personal relationships less stressful and more fulfilling.

For more information about Susan Heinemann’s insightful program, The Four Wires of You, go to for helpful articles, videos, and information about seminars and one-on-one conflict resolution coaching services.

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