Four Wires

What are the Four Wires

The Four Wires Of You is a practical Personality Identification and Communication Program that educates one on the basic personality groupings. Learn the E.V.E. N. method for identifying the different personality languages, the Emotional Needs, Visual Clues, Environmental Needs, and Natural Desires. Get the keys for understanding the differences so you do not resent them.

Each individual is wired differently, with many similarities that allow people to be grouped into general categories.

The study of these differences and their interrelationship is known as “the Personalities”.

If you start by looking at the four basic personality groupings, one has to make generalizations – no one person fits exactly into one box. The thing about generalizations is that they are generally true!

Each individual is unique, but there are personality traits that can be grouped into categories that make it easier to understand who we are and why others are not just like us. Our personalities can be broken into four basic types.

The study of inborn personality traits is not a new science. As a matter of fact it dates back to the golden age of Greece (around 400 B.C.) involving the Greek “thinker” Hippocrates. Then around A.D.190, Galen, a Greek physician built on Hippocrates ideas and came up with what he called the four temperaments. Galen labeled these four personality types based on what he believed was the imbalance of certain body fluids in an individual. The names he gave to these four personalities were Greek terminology Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic. It is all Greek to me!!!!

Since most people today do not go around speaking Greek, I developed a personality identifying program that uses the same basic principles of both Hippocrates and Galen but with a modern twist. The Four Wires Of You program uses both colored wires and everyday household tools to represent the Greek terminology used to identify the four basic personality groups.

Many personality identification programs give you a label. However, they do not tell you what to do with the information. The theme of this course is not only to help one indentify which tool/wire color (label) best
represents their natural hardwiring or personality, additionally learn their own strengths, weaknesses, emotional needs and methods of communication. The Four Wires Of You program goal, is to move beyond the label with a “Do it yourself” application to see immediate significant improvements in your relationships. When you take this course, I trust that you will have fun discovering who you are and why you act the way you do and why others don’t act like you. You will quickly apply the concept and principles to grow beyond your natural hardwiring; improving your relationships at all levels of communication.

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