I Just Don’t Understand Him* Her *Them


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Trouble communicating is at the base of so many problems today. Whether it’s trouble with coworkers, friends, family, or simply with new people you meet, a lot of the difficulty stems from simply not communicating in the right way! Finally the manual you should have been given at birth to understand why people act the way they do.

In this E-Book, you’ll find a comprehensive map of our four personality types, and tips for recognizing each of them in the people you meet (or already know)! A few examples of what you will learn about each personality type- strength and struggles, how they are as parents, co- workers, or friends. What specific adjustments you can make to each of the different personality types for effective communication and a better understanding of human behavior- a translation dictionary of sorts.

Through identifying which of the personality type is the most dominant (both in yourself and others), you can match your style of communication to the needs of anyone you want to talk to. This E-Book will put you on the fast track to getting along with everyone!